Bite-sized Tips: Labelled Praise

Do you say “good job”, “well done”, “good boy/ girl” all the time to your kids? Great job parents, for providing positive reinforcements to your children! Oh, hold on, did you realise what is different about the praise I just said and your’s? Yup! I’ve included exactly what I was praising you about!


Often times, we are so used to saying “good job” and “well done”. But what happens is, your child may have done about 10 different things in the last 1 minute. So, what are you exactly praising him/ her about?


Including the actual behaviour that you are praising for, makes it clear to your child exactly what he did was encouraged and that makes the effort in praising a lot more effective. So next time when you want to praise your child for something he/ she had done, why not label the behaviour when u praise.


Try out labelled praise and share with me your observations. Visit my website at to see what services I provide and contact me either via FB message or our website form to make an appointment with me.

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