My sons are on the autism spectrum and first came to know Ms Eileen Su through weekly ABA Naturalistic Therapy sessions in 2014. Under her professional attention, my sons made significant improvements in eye contact, verbal expression and self-management within months. Ms Eileen Su was meticulous in addressing fine motor skills, social skills as well as information processing through consistent therapeutic strategies and interactive engagement. My sons responded well to her persistent and firm approach. At the same time, Ms Eileen demonstrates understanding and flexibility in managing client expectations. She readily recounts session highlights and imparts strategies to help parents better cope with their children in other settings. Ms Eileen Su listens to concerns with openness and compassion. She values relationships and as a result, my sons reconnected with her very quickly when they resumed therapy with her after a 14-month break. Now back under her care, my sons are benefiting once more from Ms Eileen Su’s higher qualification and broader work experience in supporting individuals with special needs.

Parent - Kao Jong-Ee
Children - Shane (10), Fynn (8)

Our son, Jayden had been taken care and taught by Eileen about 4 years ago for a period of 6 months. During her therapy, Jayden had shown a very good progress in communication and personal behavior. Hence, we would like to wish her success!

Jayden’s Mummy
Child - Jayden (7)

Eileen was my son’s case manager when he was in K2. She is a delicated teacher with great care and concern to her students. She designed the overall intervention plan tailored to my son’s needs and progress. My son showed remarkable improvements in his language as well as behaviours. As parents, we are really appreciative of Eileen for the hard work and professionalism.

Adelina Yang
Child - Glen (9)

Eileen was the case manager for my son ASD. She is a great and professional specialist in the area. She is patient and there are a lot of skills and knowledge she shared and used which progressively helps my son to adapt better. After every lesson, she will carefully jot down all the details and progress which helps the other family members to understand and follow through the same strategy and setting to help the child better. Thank you Eileen.

Child - Child with ASD (9)

Eileen was our daughter’s case manager. She shadowed our daughter for 6 months and we noticed marked improvements in our daughter’s behaviours in school. She no longer wanders around in class and is less fidgety.

Parent - Mrs Yap
Child - Isabel Yap (4)

My son could only name 2 single syllable items when we first started engaging Ms Eileen. We are about 5 months into the programme and Ms Eileen had helped my son to start gaining interest in words. Recently, he even surprised us by saying a 4 syllable word. My son is still working on his articulation and compliance but we are confident that he will continue to progress and surprise us with Ms Eileen’s intervention.

Mrs Gan
Child - Wei (3)

Eileen is an extremely compassionate individual and pours her heart into her craft. Her positive spirit is a cut above the rest and gives one the assurance that things shall eventually look up.

Mrs Alee

We have been with Teacher Eileen for over two months and we’ve already seen remarkable progress in our 5-year-old son, Damien. He has significant speech and motor delays, as well as issues with attention span and compliance.

Teacher Eileen also provides a detailed report at the end of every session, and also works together with us to set and complete quarterly goals.

Damien was able to hit most of his goals, and even managed to exceed expectations for some!

We are happy to recommend Teacher Eileen to parents who are seeking additional assistance to help their special needs child to improve behavioural and learning issues. 😄

Child - Damien (5)

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