Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental condition and it is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills. Children with Autism also displays rigid and repetitive behaviors. The condition covers a large spectrum of symptoms, skills and levels of impairments. The condition and impairments varies from mild to severe.

Children with ASD often have trouble communicating and understanding what other people think and feel. They also have difficulty expressing themselves with words, gestures facial expression and touch.

Autism’s core symptoms are:

  1. Social Communication challenge and
  2. Restricted, repetitive behaviors.
  3. Lack of social skills

Autism symptoms usually begin in early childhood and it persists and interfere with daily living. Hence, early intervention is critical and Behavioral Therapy (Naturalistic) can help children with Autism build skills to learn and cope with daily challenges.

People with Autism may also have :

  • Unusual sensory interests such as sniffing objects or staring intently at moving objects
  • Sensory sensitivities including avoiding everyday sounds and textures such as toilet flush, vacuum Cleaners and sand
  • Intellectual impairment or learning difficulties

Ms Eileen Su is a trained Special Education Facilitator. Information will be shared with the parents after the consultation and first intervention session. Suggestions and strategies will be shared professionally with the parents. If required, Ms Eileen is able to provide a referral letter to the parents and guide the parents on the proper channel to seek a professional advise/ assessment.

The speed of progress of each child is dependent on the frequency of therapy per week and also the ability of each unique child. Typically, our clients start showing progress within 3 months of therapy.

The length of intervention is dependent on the child’s progress. Parents can decide to stop intervention at any juncture after giving us a minimum of 1 month notice. Our trained Therapists will update the parents frequently and advise the parents if they feel that the child is ready to graduate from our programmes.

We recommend for children to attend children to go through therapy at least once a week for a minimum of 1.5 hours for children < 3 years old and 2 hours for children above 3 years old. Parents can decide to increase the frequency of the sessions per week to speed up the progress. Therapy Kidz believe in also empowering the parents with skills. Hence, we will only recommend to increase the frequency if it is necessary for the child.

Therapy Kidz recommends for parents to not be present in the session especially during the first 3 sessions, to allow our Therapists to build a rapport with the child. Children usually take a longer time to build a rapport with the Therapists when the parents are around. Speak to our Therapists and consultant of you don’t feel comfortable and we will work with you to come up with a better arrangement for your child.

Behavioral Therapy (Naturalistic) works on a few domains and it encourages spontaneous two-way conversation and build language skills.

The areas that Behavioral Therapy (Naturalistic) works on are:

  • Language and conversational skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Compliance
  • Attention and focus

Our Therapists will prepare a session plan every session to work with our clients and track their improvements. Our Therapists will prepare a range of activities tailored to every individual child and develop suitable strategies and activities to work effectively with them.

Our Therapists come to your house to deliver the therapy sessions in your house. By providing therapy in the child’s natural environment, it is easier for skills to generalize out of the therapy sessions into the child’s environment.

We recommend for the parents to prepare a room, a child-sized table and 2 child-sized chairs (for the therapist and your child) for the session to run effectively. Our therapists will bring materials to work with your child. We will update parents if any additional materials are needed for the sessions.

There are no additional cost other than the session fees unless additional materials are required.

All our Therapists are trained to work with children with special needs. Therapy Kidz also provide continuous training to keep our Therapists updated with latest knowledge and updates to improve the quality of our therapy sessions. All our clients cases are also monitored by the Principal Behavioral Therapist and Case Manager to ensure a constant improvement and provide consultation and mentorship to our Therapists.

Invoicing and payments will be made through our Therapy Kidz app

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