Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Therapy Kidz is set up by a passionate behavior therapist who has worked closely with many children and their families. Miss Eileen has worked in a few organisations and her experiences had encouraged her to set up Therapy Kidz, to provide good quality therapy and intervention to children and support to their families. With 7 years of experience, Ms Eileen is confident to provide effective and meaningful programmes to the clients that come to us.

Therapy Kidz programmes are home-based, meaning, we come to your house to provide therapy to your child. Working with children in their natural environment has proven to help the child generalize the skills out of the clinic. We are also happy to see you at our centre if you prefer to come to us. 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that helps individuals manage their problems by changing the way they think and behave. CBT is designed to help the clients understand how their thoughts, behaviors and emotions affect each other. The approach is designed to help the clients learn new ways of thinking about and responding to distressing situations. This approach also teaches the clients how to replace those feelings, thoughts and actions with more helpful and realistic ones. CBT can help children with ASD learn coping skills by understanding their thoughts and feelings, and guide them to replace their responses during these distressing situations.

Naturalistic Teaching

In recent decades, the naturalistic teaching approach has provided guidance and a path to socialization to many who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Naturalistic is an extension of the ABA suite of techniques and pedagogies, this approach emphasizes contextual learning. Due to the recent critique of the ABA’s drill-like, rote nature, the naturalistic approach was developed to provide a more holistic and adaptive teaching technique. This approach is both adaptive and reactive to the child’s needs and environment, making it easier for the skills to generalize globally. What it means is that, having learnt a particular skill, a student is encouraged to apply it to a range of situations that are related to the particular experience. Unlike the rote-memorization of ABA which was criticized for its limited student applicability, naturalistic methods provide ample variation and context in which skills can be practiced. Rather than occurring in highly specialized setting, naturalistic approaches can be applied in every context.

Parent Support

Our therapist will provide timely updates in the form of session notes, sent to your email address after every session. Our therapists will also share strategies to work on specific behaviors and skills whenever necessary. Parents can share their concerns and observations with our therapists so that we can work on those areas during our sessions with the child.  

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