School Integration Programme

Therapy Kidz recognises that most of the intervention services work independently from each other. Hence we are set out to improve the service by working collaboratively with people within the child’s ecosystem.

Our School Integration Programme aims to provide your child with skills to cope with the mainstream school setting. This structured programme starts by introducing your child to school targeted behaviors, coping and communication skills during the therapy sessions. When the child is ready, the therapist will then work on generalising the skills into the mainstream setting through in-class support and collaboration with the teachers.

This programme is suitable for children attending preschool or primary schools.

Programme Structure:

Stage 1

(Intervention) Intensive one-to-one intervention to teach school targeted skills preferably in the child’s school.

Stage 2

(Linking) Bridging skills into the classroom through intensive one-to-one intervention and school bridging (Shadowing) sessions in school (half-day sessions).

Stage 3

(Transitioning) Reducing of intensive one-to-one therapy sessions and working with the school teachers to reduce shadowing support (gradually).

Stage 4

(Fading) Maintaining the minimum weekly one-to-one intervention and start fading out shadowing support. At this juncture, parents can work with the school to start extending half day school to 1 day of full day.

Stage 5

Maintaining the minimum weekly one-to-one intervention for the overall development of the client. At this juncture, interventionists, school and parents should discuss if school shadowing is still required or it can be reduced.

***Progress from each stage is dependable on the child’s development from each stage and after discussing with the school.

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