Special Needs Tuition

Special Needs Tuition


  1. Rapport Building: At Therapy Kidz, we focus a lot on rapport building as children learn better when they feel safe and secured
  2. Experienced Teachers: Our tutors are experienced in working with children with special needs
  3. Therapist Support: Our tutors are supported by our team of therapists to provide them with necessary advices on behavior management during their sessions with your child
  4. Tailored Goals: Our goals are tailored to your child’s baseline skills and area of weakness to help them learn effectively

Suitable for children with mild to moderate needs

Duration: 90 minutes (1 session per subject)

Location: Home-based and Centre-based

Registration Process:

  1. Parents to fill up and return registration form
  2. Assessment 
  3. Parents will be informed of schedule and teacher profile
  4. Confirmation and Payment of Fees
  5. Confirmation of start date
  6. Start Learning

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