Bite-Sized Tips: Eye Contact

Are you working on your child’s eye contact? Therapy Kidz have some tips to share with you.


1. Make sure to always prompt your child to make eye contact when you give him/her instructions or when he/she requests for things.


2. Play desired activities and wait for your child to make eye contact as a form of interaction (asking for more) before providing the reinforcements.

e.g. blow bubbles and then wait for child to look/ prompt you child to look before blowing more bubbles for him/her.


3. Call your child’s name and prompt for him/her to look before giving any instruction. (This is a great activity to work on both eye contact and your child’s response to his/her name)



– Go to your child’s level

– If you are comfortable, bring your child’s hand to touch your face and smile/ reinforce when he/she looks at you

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