Bite-sized tips: Building on-seat behaviors

How to build on seat behaviours and self regulation to complete tasks?


1. Observe and write down a few table-top activities that your child enjoys (e.g. colouring, puzzles, drawing, etc)


2. Schedule a time-slot to work with your child at the table everyday (start with a 5 minutes task and work it up, reduce if 5 minutes is too difficult to achieve)


3. Make sure your child go through the routine of “starting a task”, “doing a task” and “completing a task” before he/she is allowed to leave the table. (This is the reason to start with a short task before working it up).

Parents can create a visual work routine for the child to follow through (e.g. sit down, do work, finish)


Do this everyday and you will notice an increase in your child’s ability to regulate and persevere through a task. If your child tend to roam around in class, this strategy can also help to build their tolerance and self-control to stay seated.

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